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Free Stillness Meditation

"Profound Rest" - Channelled, healing meditation

Profound Rest 21723Patti Good
00:00 / 22:08

Please make sure you listen to this meditation at a time when it's safe to close your eyes and relax deeply

Longing for Stillness in your own life?

Are you longing for the deep, endless quiet space inside yourself that restores your Soul?


For the peace that makes you remember true joy? For the tranquillity that reminds you that everything is 100% okay right here, right now?


Stillness feels like coming home. The place we feel soothed, nourished and restored at the deepest level. The place where you can hear the quiet whisperings of your Divine Guidance, your Inner Wisdom, your Intuition.


The place that feels like your Soul has been soothed

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