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About Emotional Freedom Technique 

Tapping or EFT is a very simple, powerful way to reset the stress response in the body and literally dissolve long-standing physical or emotional issues.


It was developed by Roger Callahan when he unexpectedly helped a client overcome an intense water phobia by tapping on her stomach meridian point when she kept complaining that she was feeling the fear in her stomach.

Months of therapy had not worked, but within just a few seconds of tapping she ran up to a swimming pool and splashed water on her face. A total breakthrough.

The Healing Bridge Tapping tool can dissolve food cravings in minutes and the Journey Tapping Technique can help clear out the deep underlying emotional issues driving overeating.

The best part is that once the client has learnt the technique, they're able to take it away and use it themselves without the need for a therapist.

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