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My Healing Philosophy

Every one of my programs, workshops, retreats & tools is offered based on the following philosophy. After supporting transformational healing journeys since 2003, this is what I know for sure...

1 - You're not broken

You're not broken. You are definitely not some flawed project that needs to be "fixed".  That suddenly, magically everything will be fine if you could just iron out all the flaws.


The opposite is true. You are splendid and magnificent beyond your wildest imaginings. Every symptom, every emotion, every challenge is an invitation from your Soul guiding you home. Our only job is to learn how to truly listen and follow it's guidance.

2 - The body will always choose healing. Always. In all ways.

If you cut your finger the body doesn't say "sorry, I can only deal with it on Tuesday at 3pm", it simply gets on with healing. The body will always choose healing but sometimes it doesn't seem like this is really happening because we feel stuck in patterns of illness or emotional distress.


This is because there's a catch. In order to do it's job properly, the body needs the "right" circumstances. At the very least this is less stress, more sleep, time in nature and crucially, time, space and support to clear out the baggage.

Most people are sitting on a lifetime of unresolved issues and baggage without even realising it. Clearing, healing and releasing the stuff from under the carpet will leave you feeling lighter, happier and healthier and will open the body to true healing.

3 - Love is the only way

The only door to true healing and lasting change is through love. Willpower will work in the short term. Powering through will sometimes work but leave a trail of destruction. When we feel bullied or pressured the body will defend itself and close down. True healing happens in a place of deep love and respect. Where we feel seen and validated.  This is when we're able to truly let our guard down and venture into the sore, raw, vulnerable places and bring them into the light.


This kind of love works every time.

4 - There is a natural timing to healing

We don't run outside during winter and yell at the trees for losing their leaves but we often get so frustrated with ourselves when we're not getting results fast enough or the body is in a period of downtime or rest. Just like we don't pull the petals open on a rose to make it blossom faster, so we need to give ourselves time to open into healing.

When we connect with this timing we bring our bodies back in sync with the natural rhythms of nature and open into a very quiet and very powerful natural timing that yields far greater results in the long-term.

5 - Our emotions are the doorway

Our deepest, scariest emotions are the gateway to our greatest freedom and joy. Learning to be still in the face of our strongest emotions is the doorway to better health, emotional well-being and deeper spiritual connection. 

6 - Quiet consistency is Grace in motion

Small things done consistently yield great results. This is where we harness the power of gentle intention with the natural rhythm of the Universe. This is definitely the miracle zone.

7 - Appreciation is the answer

I once heard that the centres for gratitude and fear lie next to each other in the brain. Now I'm not sure that's true but what I do know for sure is that if I'm scared, there is no way I can access gratitude and if I'm in gratitude then I can be sure that fear is not present.  


But sometimes when things are challenging, it's not easy to access gratitude.  This is where appreciation becomes the sweet little sister that offers to hold our hand.


Appreciation is quiet and simple and deeply soothing. It's hands down the best way to stay in your flow. It opens up a deep well of sufficiency and "enoughness" in our lives and this is where true peace and contentment live. Making it a daily practice will change your life.

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