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finding peace within

Coming Home To You

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Coming Home To You

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Hi, I'm Patti

I’m not your typical healer, I’m the voice of calm, gentle reassurance when your life feels like it’s falling down around you.

I’ve dedicated my 21-year career as a Journey Practitioner and BodyTalk Energy Healer to helping 1000s of women around the world liberate their headspace, reclaim their power and raise their self-worth so radically that living their dreams becomes the only option.

I’ve been told I have a remarkable gift for turning chaos into clarity. To do this, I’ve developed my own beautiful “HEART Healing Method” that combines spiritual wisdom, deep therapeutic and trauma release tools, cutting-edge energy medicine and shamanic healing.

Helping you turn your baggage into your greatest blessings and allowing your life to blossom in ways you never thought possible.

All my work is grounded in the belief that the body is the gateway to the Soul. When you gently follow the body’s natural lead, the healing path simply unfolds before you. No effort, no struggle, just calm, gentle ease.

This is where healing becomes delicious and finding peace inevitable.


Therapist, Healer, Teacher, Artist, Spiritual Mentor, Mother & Chocolate Lover

  • Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner (2003)

  • Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (2004)

  • Founding member of "The Inner Journey Clinic" on Harley Street in London (2004)

  • Trained Doula (2007)

  • HypnoBirthing Practitioner Trainer for South Africa (2010 - 2013)

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (2010 - 2017 Modules 1, 2, 3,6, Fascial Release, MindScape & Career Hearted)

  • Reiki Master (2016)

  • Certified Life Coach (2017)

  • EFT Practitioner (2018)

  • Conscious Group Leaders Training (2019)

  • Retreat Leader at the Buddhist Retreat Centre South Africa - voted in the top 10 Retreat Centres in the World by CNN (Taught More Room for Miracles in 2018 & Delicious Wellness 2019. Dates for 2024 tbc)

  • First Aid Refresher (2019)

  • African Shamanic Healing (at present)

TV appearances

My Personal Healing Story...


I've always had a deep, innate trust in the Universe. I always knew that I was connected to something much larger. Something benevolent and loving. I knew this because I felt it every time I danced. Every time the music played, I was transported into another energy, another place inside myself that simply felt like pure joy.


I lost this connection with myself when I gave up dancing after suffering years of body shame. I was around 20 years old and I remember thinking, 'this is too much, it's just too painful' so I stopped dancing and started studying the business side of advertising. I decided to join 'the real world' where I didn't have to spend my days being judged by what I looked like in a leotard.

For many years I worked in corporate environments including a number of Investment Banks. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole! Like I’d some how got dressed in clothing that was too small but I was desperate to ‘make it fit’. I never felt like I belonged and the simplest things would leave me baffled.


In 2002 I endured a year that included 11 deaths, redundancy and a relationship break up.


The Universe 'reclaimed me'. Looking back, I realise that I had no idea how to change my life and get on track so the Universe stepped in to give me a nudge. Or maybe a great big shove!


I discovered a beautiful healing technique called The Journey which opened the door to my own healing and transformation.


I felt like I had been washed from the inside. For the first time in years I felt reconnected to my Soul.


The result was not just deep emotional healing but an incredible new career which allowed me to blossom as I assisted others on their spiritual and healing path.


In 2002 I set up BabyJourney and started supporting mums with their deep and often traumatic experiences of motherhood. I helped empower them with HypnoBirthing and I got to have my heart burst wide open when I witnessed little perfect humans being born into the world.


This is what I was born to do.


Then in 2010 I lost everything. My home, money, health, business and then my marriage.


I didn’t expect my life to fall apart. And it’s only after years of hindsight that I can really truly hold the gifts of this painful time.


o   The love that comes from holding both our light and our darkness

o   The depth of the longing inside to live a life truly aligned with my Soul

o   The resilience the human spirit is capable of

o   The deeper stories of ‘not enoughness’ that run our lives and finally opening into sense of exquisite value that exists simply because we are breathing

o   To reclaim our power, our true feminine power and live in this freedom


After years of working with motherhood, my focus was starting to shift and open into supporting women even more deeply as they awaken into their true purpose. Helping them to reclaim their power and live the life they can feel in their Soul.


After successfully rebuilding my life from the ground up using my own tools and healing techniques (and some gorgeous new ones like BodyTalk), I am now even more passionate about helping women recover from what I call ‘not enoughness sickness’.


“We carry this core belief of ‘not enoughness’ around with us like a heavy suitcase wanting desperately to be believe it’s not true and yet living it out in every direction of our lives. It’s one thing to ‘think’ we are enough and quite another to ‘live’ our innate value and worth.


Somehow pain and sadness is the perfect door to uncovering the real truth of who we are.


I'm now on a mission to help you to deeply know and live you own radiance and exquisite value! To help you let go of the weight and baggage and trauma of the past so you can transform your life and get on with your mission to uplift yourself, your family, your community and ultimately, the world.


To come home to all the joy, the vitality, the love, the stillness and the profound enoughness that exists in all of us.



Print Media:                

Bounty UK, Odyssey Magazine, The Daily News, The Mercury, The Ridge, Get It Magazine, The Wharf Newspaper, Living and Loving, Mother and Baby, Practical Parenting, The Baby Club Pregnancy & Newborn publications and You're Pregnant…



Cape Talk Radio, East Coast Radio, SAFM Radio, Dubai Eye Radio, My Baby Radio and Fearless Birthing Podcast


TV Appearances:                      

e-news, eNCA, e-TV’s Great Expectations and The Dr Mol Show on SABC3, Espresso on SABC3 and SABC Newsroom


Corporate Clients:     

Credit Suisse, Accenture, Citigroup and Momentum Medical Aid



B Consultancy Business Achievement Award (February 2014)

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