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About BodyTalk

Ever had a secret that you just HAD to tell someone? Like it was eating you up inside and then when you finally got to confide in someone you trusted it was like the weight of the world was lifted off your shoulders?


Well, that is what BodyTalk is like for the Nervous System. It is like your body’s chance to tell the stories and secrets it has been longing to share so you can finally breathe again.


The body will always guide us towards healing and balance. Always.


Those symptoms…the headaches, the IBS, getting emotional every time you think certain thoughts or remember certain events, that knee pain, the lousy self talk, those irregular periods, the inability to fall pregnant or hold a pregnancy. That is your body trying to get your attention. It’s saying ‘Hey…excuse me…please can you listen to me!’


I call it the feather, brick, bus approach. First it starts with the body gently trying to get us to listen, then it tries a bit harder and then, it sends us a full blown crisis or you break your leg, struggle to conceive or you have a terrible birth and your life is turned upside down.


You may be yelling in agony (physical or emotional) but the body is going ‘Yay! I finally got your attention. Now PLEASE will you listen to me!’


The problem is that nobody ever taught us how to listen to our bodies. Nobody pulled us aside at 3 years old and said ‘here you go…here are some practical ways to deal with grief, or depression or your parent’s divorce’. We learn from those around us and generally, nobody gave them any guidance either.


So we all bumble along doing the best we can. 


BodyTalk can be the very thing the body has been yearning for. A way to tune in and listen and then allow all that wonderful natural healing and rebalancing to just work it’s magic.


Sound amazing? That’s because it is. It’s gentle, non-invasive and has no side effects. BodyTalk uses simple muscle testing to uncover the stories and then combines this with cutting edge tapping techniques to help the body rebalance gently and easily.


That is why it has been rumoured to be used by Barrack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. And that is why BodyTalk is the foundation of all my Transformational Healing Programs.


It's like pampered healing where your body does all the work. How cool is that?!

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