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30 minutes to finding peace in menopause

Online classes to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and your Inner Wisdom during the changes and challenges of peri-menopause, menopause & post menopause

Sacred Resting is the most gentle, delicious way to open your heart, mind and body and come home to your Inner Guidance and Wisdom.

Unlike meditation that requires you to stay present, the purpose of Sacred Resting is to let yourself fall into the arms of the Infinite Intelligence and receive whatever it is your Soul needs at that time.

Sacred Resting activates the power of intention and surrender. It offers a simple, elegant way of getting out of our own way and allows the Grace of the Universe to flood in. 

Surrender is such a key part of living a spiritual life, the practice of consciously taking care of your alignment and then trusting the Universe to take care of the details. Sacred Resting can offer an easy but powerful sanctuary to nurture this connection regularly.

Sometimes you'll have a serious challenge or issue that you may bring to your session or you may just want some stillness and quiet to rest deeply.

Either way, Sacred Resting will give you exactly what you need in that moment.

Why is giving yourself this time so important?


The messages and wisdom from our Inner Guidance are often quiet and subtle and we don’t always hear them through the busyness of our lives.


Taking time in stillness can allow you to reconnect with your inner voice and hear your Soul’s Guidance more easily and clearly.


This can open the door to inspired realisations, increased creativity and problem solving and help you find your way back into your flow. A chance to connect to the greater wisdom that guides your life and allows you to feel safer and more supported.

Sacred Resting...

  • heightens your intuition by connecting you to your Inner Guidance regularly

  • helps you come present in your body so you're better able to make good decisions because you know exactly how it feels to have clear, healthy boundaries

  • teaches you how to come back to your ‘Centre’ consistently which can then open the door to a much greater sense of balance and true wellbeing in every part of your life

  • reduces stress and anxiety by lowering levels of stress hormone

  • boosts feelings of wellbeing by encouraging healthy endorphin release

  • promotes better immunity and improved sleep by regulating hormone balance

  • encourages healing by releasing and clearing old consciousness & cell memories stored in the body

Would you like to come along and try it for yourself? Here are the details...


Every Tuesday 


12 - 12:30pm GMT






Click here to book your first session



How did it start?

It was started by my gorgeous friend and colleague Marion Young through what she called "Conscious Resting".  It had happened at a time of her life when she felt deeply in need of guidance. She lay down on her bed with her arms open wide and asked the Universe and God to show her the way.

Conscious Resting was born and is a practice she now uses and teaches at all her Retreats & Workshops.

I first experienced it in 2017 when I attended her Friday Morning Group in Surrey. Always a deep lover of napping and resting, I immediately fell in love with how effortless and delicious it was.  I started integrating it into my own spiritual practice and into all my workshops and retreats.

How is Sacred Resting different to meditation?

Meditation is usually a seated practice and requires that you remain present. Sacred Napping is about allowing yourself to surrender fully and happily fall asleep if that’s what the body wants to do.


What happens if I fall asleep?

The purpose is to completely surrender to the Infinite Intelligence of Grace and trust that you’ll get exactly what you need. Sometimes the conscious mind needs to go off to napland so that you can receive your Soul’s Guidance.


Will I have a chance to write down any wisdom that is shared during my session?

Yes, after the session, you will be gently brought back into waking consciousness and given some time to journal


How is Sacred Resting done?

You will have space to lie down on a carpeted floor. Yoga mats, pillows and blankets will be provided but feel free to bring a shawl or scarf if you’re prone to getting cold.


You’ll then be guided into a deep space of surrender to let your body just drift off into deep relaxation or sleep.


Is it addictive?

Totally. There is such freedom and ease in a Sacred Resting session, you really can just let yourself completely relax.


When are the sessions?

Every second Thursday morning from 10am to 11:30am at Colet House, London


How does a session run?

We’ll start with gentle meditation and some time to just come present in your body. This will then be followed by about 25 minutes of Sacred Resting. Afterwards you’ll have to gently come out of your happiness coma and spend some time journaling. Then we’ll share a cup of tea and enjoy the company of the other nappers.

How much does it cost?

The first session is £5 so you can come and try it out and then after that, sessions are £20. Concession are available so please ask.

What do I need to bring?

A journal as you'll have time to write down any Soul Wisdom after the session. You could also bring a shawl or warm scarf. 

Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome. If you've not experienced meditation before Sacred Resting offers a gentle first step. And if you're an experienced meditator, it offers a beautiful alternative to your regular practice.

What people are saying...

"Thank you so much Patti. I'm still so overwhelmed how it went. It was truly amazing" Jess, London

"I loved the Sacred Resting session. Being gently guided into that sacred space allowed the true healing to begin." Susan, Buddhist Retreat, South Africa

"The Sacred Resting was one of my favourite parts of the More Room for Miracles Retreat."  Deb, Buddhist Retreat, South Africa

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About Patti Good

Hi I’m Patti


I’m a Therapist, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher.


My true calling is to Uplift the Uplifters. To support and inspire entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries and spiritual seekers who are waking up to their true power and want to connect deeply & consciously with their Soul's Wisdom & Guidance so their influence in the world is clear, uplifting & intentional.


I was born and raised in South Africa before moving to New York and London. I spent 14 years as part of the Inner Journey Clinic on Harley Street in London where I ran transformational healing programs to help my clients heal their wounds and find their deepest wholeness using The Journey, BodyTalk, Reiki, Meditation & EFT. I am now running both one-on-one and group healing programs online and in person workshops and retreats.


Helping my clients take their power back and step into their highest vision makes my heart sing!

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