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Ready to live the potential you can sense in your Soul?

In your quietest moments you can sense there is so much more to life. You can feel this deep, knowing potential brewing inside you.


Feels alive

Feels powerful

Feels liberating

Feels like love in action

Feels deeply connected to yourself, your Inner Knowing

Feels intimate & profound

Feels supported & abundant

Feel vibrant


Feels like the life you can sense in your Soul. Your greatest potential


But harnessing it and getting it out in your 'real life' isn't always easy


It's like longing for more but not quite being able to put your finger on it...


As talented, motivated, spiritually aware women we don’t want the old-outdated versions of success we see all around us in the world, we want more of what we deeply long for in those quiet moments…


  • we don’t just want to be thin or fit…we want to ‘love’ feeling at home in our gorgeous bodies

  • we don’t just want a job or a way to make money…we long to thrive financially in a way that is aligned, that contributes to the good in the world, that lights us up

  • we don’t just want a relationship or a marriage…we want intimacy, connection, to grow and deepen together in a space of feeling seen and truly “met”

  • we don’t just want to lead…we want to influence, to live out greatest potential and inspire others to do the same

  • we want our femininity to be embraced and appreciated and honoured

  • We want time and space to honour our own natural rhythms and seasons


And we don’t just want this for ourselves, we want it for our families, our communities and our world. We want to deeply contribute to a better world.


Alchemy of Joy is designed to harness the power and potential of your heart’s deepest yearnings and support them into blossoming in the world.


To give you the tools and support to birth the woman you know you can be. Living a life you adore.


How do we do this?


Over the last 19 years, I’ve developed Transformational Healing Programs that combine cutting edge cellular healing techniques, deep emotional release work and powerful practical tools to help you integrate the gifts and lessons that life is sharing so you can find your way to true healing.


Helping you to awaken and step into your true power and welcome joy and vitality back into your life.


What’s involved?


  • The 18 hour Program takes place over a year to give you time to really shift and integrate all the gifts that life is offering 

  • It is broken up into 1 & 2 hour sessions. I use muscle testing to let your body guide the way for how the sessions need to unfold.


  • The Program takes around 10 - 12 months to complete


  • Sessions can happen in person in Burford, Cotswolds or online via Zoom for anywhere else in the world


  • To find out more, simply book an Intro Chat in my diary by following the link below


Alchemy of Joy - Payment Information

Investment - £4000

18 hours over 10 - 12 months and includes...

  • 1 x 2 hour Welcome session including BodyTalk

  • 8 x 1 hour Mentoring sessions (which may include BodyTalk, Reiki, EFT, meditation & any other tools)

  • 4 x 2 hour Journey sessions

  • Powerful practical tools that you can take back into your everyday life

Different payment options are available. Please ask

To book a FREE Health Assessment to see if this is the best program for you, click here: 

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