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About The Journey

Imagine being supported on a journey of discovery to the centre of your being where you are able to uncover the root cause of longstanding health, emotional or behavioural issues and free yourself.


The Journey is a simple yet powerful healing tool which allows you to do exactly that.


The Journey is for people who no longer want to be a victim, but who instead want to break through into the freedom of exploring their highest potential and living as a full expression of their truest self.


It was pioneered by leading mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays and is outlined in her bestselling book ‘The Journey’.


Now being used in over 40 countries around the world, The Journey is internationally recognised as one of the most powerful and transformative healing tools available today.


With powerful Journey therapy you will:


  • Embark on a journey into the very nature of your soul and discover the vast, boundless essence at the core of your Being.

  • Uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns, resolve and forgive old issues so that your body is free to access its own healing potential.

  • Penetrate and clear stubborn emotional blocks that have, perhaps unknowingly, held you back for years.

  • Find profound emotional and spiritual clarity, reconnect with your true self and begin to liberate your infinite potential.


Research has shown that 85% of all illness is emotionally based (American Center for Disease Control), and it has also been proven that suppressing our emotions blocks cell receptors, which interferes with normal healthy communication between cells and impairs healthy body functioning. Conversely, allowing our feelings to flow unblocks the receptors and maintains health.


Working with me, you will be safely guided directly to memories stored in your cells which are the cause of problems you are experiencing in your life. Once these memories have been uncovered they can be resolved and released allowing your body to start healing at a cellular level. The results are profound and lasting.


How does it work?


Journey work, in its simplest form, is a therapeutic technique which works by you being guided to the place within yourself where emotions, and the memories to which they are attached, are stored. This place is accessed through your emotions, and your Journey Practitioner guides you there safely and expertly.


Previously suppressed emotions are felt and reintegrated, releasing the events they were attached to. You are then freed from the past and a new, more powerful and balanced, present reality takes form.


Journey work goes much deeper than conventional therapeutic treatments. It clears emotional blocks held in cell memories and has permanent and life-changing results.


In a Journey Process you work directly with your subconscious to let go of past issues, forgive and heal through your own inner truth.


I use Journey Therapy as an integral part of my Transformational Healing Programs. For more information on the best program for you click here

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