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Want a calmer, easier pregnancy and a better birth?

There is so much information out there on pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent! You know you want a lovely, easy pregnancy and a natural birth but how do you get there?


The My Beautiful Babyjourney Progam was been developed from 21 years of experience of working with mums to help them have the calmest, easiest and most joyful journey through motherhood.


It was born from my passion to help you take all the stress out and give you both the clarity and tools you need in order to have the easiest, gentlest  and most enjoyable path to welcoming your baby.


This is the exact program that I wish I’d had available to me when I was pregnant!


I’ve put together my best tools and techniques to help you enjoy


  • Calmer, healthier pregnancy

  • Enhanced bonding with your darling baby

  • A clear mind to make the best possible decisions for the care of you and baby

  • Amazing, comprehensive birth preparation in the form of bespoke Hypnobirthing-based sessions

  • Exceptional emotional support so you can clear any fear and integrate the gifts of motherhood

  • Guidance and encouragement so you have the most empowering experience possible

  • Clearing our baggage so you don’t pass it along to your baby

  • Beautiful continuous support that you can trust

What's so great about this Program is that you can design it around your own specific needs.

Only need pregnancy support? Great, that's available

Want pregnancy and birth support? You can have exactly that if you need it

Want everything? We can build the exact sessions you need to have support all the way through

To find out how I can help you...

  • reduce anxiety

  • clear the trauma of a bad birth 

  • make better decisions

  • prepare for a calmer, easier birth

  • overcome postnatal depression

Click the button below to book a Free Wellness Assessment

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