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Longing for stillness?

Are you longing for the deep, endless quiet space inside yourself that restores your Soul?


For the peace that makes you remember true joy? For the tranquillity that reminds you that everything is 100% okay right here, right now?


Stillness feels like coming home. The place we feel soothed, nourished and restored at the deepest level. The place where you can hear the quiet whisperings of your Divine Guidance, your Inner Wisdom, your Intuition.


The place that feels like your Soul has been soothed


Why is Stillness so important?


Stillness lets you fall into the arms of the Infinite Intelligence and receive whatever it is your Soul needs at that time.

It activates the power of intention and surrender. It offers a simple, elegant way of getting out of our own way and allows the Grace of the Universe to flood in.

Surrender is such a key part of living a spiritual life, the practice of consciously taking care of your alignment and then trusting the Universe to take care of the details. Stillness Practice can offer an easy but powerful sanctuary to nurture this connection regularly.


Guided Meditation offers the doorway to this beautiful place.​


Benefits of Stillness Meditation


  • heightens your intuition by connecting you to your Inner Guidance regularly

  • helps you come present in your body so you're better able to make good decisions because you know exactly how it feels to have clear, healthy boundaries

  • teaches you how to come back to your ‘Centre’ consistently which can then open the door to a much greater sense of balance and true wellbeing in every part of your life

  • reduces stress and anxiety by lowering levels of stress hormones and soothing the Nervous System

  • boosts feelings of wellbeing by encouraging healthy endorphin release

  • promotes better immunity and improved sleep by regulating hormone balance

  • encourages deep healing by releasing and clearing old consciousness & cell memories stored in the body

  • provides a doorway to the mystical and magical helping you create more meaning in your life



Date:               Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (110 live classes per year)

Time:               9am GMT

Cost:                £5 for one off

                        £15 per month with full access to Library, cancel anytime

Please note I'll be on Annual Leave from Thursday 21st December to Thursday 4th January. Class timings are subject to change in 2024.




  • Meet online at 9am to start settling

  • Meditation starts at 9:05 and ends around 9:25

  • All recordings are available within 15 minutes of the live class if you’re unable to attend live  

"I have had the great blessing to be part of Patti's online meditation group for the last 2 years. Patti creates a unique quiet space where we can come together, be still and heal. This is exactly what we all need, especially in these continuing challenging times."

Sally, London

"I was in a very bad place physically and emotionally after I was diagnosed with cancer. These classes have been an absolute life-saver. They helped me to nurture a space of deep healing in my life and I am so grateful to Patti for sharing this healing. My health has vastly improved and even my Dr can't believe how well I am."

Gail, South Africa

Stillness as a path to connecting to your Inner Guidance


The messages and wisdom from our Inner Guidance are often quiet and subtle and we don’t always hear them through the busyness of our lives.


Taking time in stillness can allow you to reconnect with your inner voice and hear your soul’s guidance.


This can open the door to inspired realisations, increased creativity and help you find your way back into your flow. A chance to connect to the greater wisdom that guides your life and allows you to feel safer and more supported


Time out can help you open the door to spiritual insights about any challenges you're experiencing and give you the inspiration on how to truly heal and resolve these issues


Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re longing for. We can’t even name it and yet when it shows up, our whole body yells a big, fat, resounding YES!



About Stillness with Patti /Channelling


After years of using meditation with myself and my clients, I sat down on the sofa one morning and started speaking the meditation out loud to myself.


It was the strangest and loveliest experience. It was like something beautiful and truly benevolent was speaking “through me”, keeping me 100% present. I came out of the experience a little shell shocked but amazed at the wisdom that had simply poured out of my mouth.


Then it started to happen every time I spoke my meditation out loud. I noticed my mind would comment and try and chip in, but this energy was stronger, deeper and very clearly “in charge”!


Soon, I learned to trust it completely and simply allow it to speak through me.


Then when I started teaching formal meditation classes with The Study Society in 2019, it simply continued to happen. All I needed to do was open my mouth and come completely present and this beautiful energy would then guide my every word.


I would never know what was going to come out of my mouth until the moment before I spoke it.


This experience continued to deepen and become more and more joyful. No preparation, simply presence. This energy knew exactly what was needed far better than my mind ever could!


110 live classes per calendar year


Class dates & holiday dates will be published in advance*


You can attend classes live or listen to the recordings

Subscriptions will auto renew


Refunds are available for the statutory 14 days


Cancel at any time

Copyright belongs to Patti Good


Classes are available for download for personal use only


Only listen when it's SAFE for you to close your eyes and relax fully

*as far as possible. For full Ts&Cs click here...

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