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BodyTalk Clinic in Witney & Online

Are you longing for a way to feel better?


To find a way to...

  • Not just reduce aches & pain but release the underlying cause of the pain?

  • Release deep seated stress & tension and feel calmer and more peaceful?

  • Increase your range of motion gently so you can move more freely?

  • Recover from injury or ill health and feel vital & well again?

  • Clear the underlying causes of any anxiety & depression and feel more positive?

  • Enjoy better quality sleep?

  • Gently support the body through all the structural & hormonal changes of pregnancy?

  • Have more energy, more vitality, more motivation?

  • Experience more joy, balance and ease in your life?


If you're ready to wake up in the morning feeling calm and clear, living in a body that feels well and energised and ready for your day, then BodyTalk is a powerful way to do just this.


​Every symptom, every emotion, every negative thought is just guidance leading you back home. Back home to the exquisite connection between you and your Body Wisdom.


Knowing how to access this wisdom and letting it guide you home can be the most delicious journey to True Wellness.


BodyTalk is gentle, non-invasive and has no side effects. It uses simple muscle testing to uncover your body's hidden stories and then combines this with cutting edge tapping techniques to help the body rebalance gently and easily.

Every session gives you the opportunity to refocus your body’s natural healing ability to establish better communication so your whole body starts to feel better.


That is why it has been rumoured to be used by Barrack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. 


Never heard of BodyTalk? Why not come along and experience a Taster Session for yourself?

Use the code "TASTER" for 50% off a BodyTalk Taster Session

Use the code "TASTER" for 50% off a BodyTalk Taster Session

Clinic Details


Clinic Days:                       

Tuesday Clinic 

Thursday Clinic 


Clinic Times:                     

Varies - please book your session from availability in my diary


Delicious Wellness Clinic, Dovecote Park, Minster Lovell

Full address details will be sent with your online booking confirmation


Covid Safe Sessions can be taken in-person at the Clinic

Online via Zoom - please state your preference when booking



£95 for 1 hour

50% off your first Session with the code 'TASTER'



24 Hour Cancellation Policy for both In-Person & Online Session


If you cancel before 24 hours, you can reschedule your session. If you can less than 24 hours before your session, I will complete a distance session and you will be sent the recording

Please see below for Covid Safety Information

Use the code "TASTER" for 50% off a BodyTalk Taster Session

About the Delicious Wellness Clinic


For many years I ran a successful clinic on Harley Street in London. I offered both in-person BodyTalk sessions as well as deeply powerful transformational healing programs working with 1000s of clients over almost 20 years.


During lockdown I focused primarily on Guided Meditation Classes and my deeper transformational Soul Healing Programs as these were easier to run online.


But now I feel there is such a great need for support. For more mental and physical wellbeing. For greater healing on every level in our lives (especially for those who are struggling with increased anxiety or the lingering long-term effects of Covid) And... I’ve also really missed people!


The Delicious Wellness Clinic is focused on making BodyTalk more accessible to more people.


If you want time and space to enjoy the therapy aspect combined with the rebalancing, then the hour sessions are what you’re looking for. If you just want access to the rebalancing, then the 30 minute sessions are for you.

If you have any questions, please contact me on 07880 998568 or email

What clients are saying...

“Patti is an amazing therapist. She helped me clear and release some major emotional issues that had been causing me great stress. Working with her has been an incredible gift that I have given myself." Sylvia Arnold, London

“My menstrual cycle went from every 47 days to 28 days after just 2 BodyTalk sessions!” Cathy

"Wow! What can I say about Patti – she is AMAZING! I feel more in balance with who I am, more relaxed and so much happier. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good! It is difficult to put into words how BodyTalk works, it is such an individual treatment as every ‘body’ has its own story and every person’s experience is unique. It is life changing! 

Thank you so much for everything you have done. I really believe that you have helped redirect my life for the better and this is a gift I can never repay.” Sue

"I came to see Patti for different physical problems, pains and for help with a major life adjustment.


Working with Patti has helped me to speak up and say no when necessary. It has allowed me to put myself first and not always last and I’ve learnt how listen to my body.  I always feel better after a session.


I would absolutely recommend Patti and the work she does. Whatever technique she uses, The Journey or BodyTalk, she is able to adapt to each of her clients and finds the right thing for them.


Both my husband and I see Patti and working with both of us has helped us even more as a couple. We have been blessed to be able to benefit from her work." Jeannine Lindt Saunders, London

Use the code "TASTER" for 50% off a BodyTalk Taster Session

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