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Slow is Fast

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

How often have you underestimated how long it would take to recover from an injury or illness? Getting really frustrated when it's not as fast as you think it should be.

When it comes to our bodies’ we often want them to function on 'head timing' and not their own natural innate healing timing.

When I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I was totally devastated. I thought it would take a session, then maybe a few months to recover. The reality is it took a lot longer. I mean A LOT longer! Not great as far as my head was concerned but totally wonderful if I step back into the wider perspective of my life.

What I couldn't see in those first few months was that my clever body was actually calling me to a whole new way of working. Calling me work at a greater depth of understanding. Calling me to be more in sync with my own natural rhythms.

My body was not simply asking for relief of a symptom or fixing some area I thought was broken but I was being called to a kinder, more loving relationship with my body and myself. This benefits of this touched into every area of my life.

You don't run outside in winter and yell at the trees for losing their leaves. But how often do you offer the same understanding to your body?

We appreciate that the natural world is in sync with the earth, the moon, the tides and the gentle, natural shifting of the seasons. Connected to a deeper rhythm that is connected to all of life. But somehow when it comes to ourselves or our bodies we want to be in a state of perennial harvest.

Always on

Always go

Always at our best

Always on our game

This is exhausting. Not just for your body but for the deeper parts of yourself that are in natural sync with 'unfolding'.

There are spaces in unfolding. There are natural seasons in unfolding. There is time to shine and get out there and then there are soft gentle times of turning inwards, resting, connecting with the softer parts of ourselves. Allowing time for creativity to unfold. Allowing time for your spirit to unfold. Allowing time for your relationships to unfold.

You wouldn't pull the petals of a flower open because you want it to blossom faster. But with ourselves we seem to expect some ridiculous time frame.

This is when our bodies start yelling at us. And they just get louder and louder. First, they send a feather, then a brick and then a bus. Or in some cases a fleet of buses!! Yelling at us to STOP!

This generally shows up as some sort of crisis. Divorce, bereavement, major health issues, burnout, overreacting or just an incredible feeling of separation. The potential you feel in yourself and for your life is totally not the reality you are living. There's this huge gap and it makes your heart sink, your spirit feel flat and makes getting out of bed in the morning harder and harder.

The old games, the old constructs just simply don't work anymore.

How can you connect with this deeper body-based rhythm of unfolding?