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Space to rent in my head. Only happy thoughts need apply!

Ever noticed how you end up thinking the same thoughts over and over again? There seem to be certain thoughts (and beliefs...) that function on autopilot and we think them over and over again each day.

If the Law of Attraction states that we get what we focus on, then maybe we need to do a bit of head de-cluttering!

Here are some ideas on how to create some space for better quality thoughts...

1 – Reduce overwhelm

I was chatting to a girlfriend the other day after she had been admitted to hospital for a nasty stress related tummy issue. She mentioned that one of her stresses was trying to pack the perfect lunch box on an evening. She totally realised she was making a rod for her own back and that could easily just make ham sandwiches.

I then asked her how much her kids (aged 9 and 11) helped around the house. Why weren't they making their own lunch boxes or just helping out with it? She then admitted that actually her kids didn't do much at all and she did most (read all) of it herself.

Do you do thi