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Are you longing for some blissful quiet time with yourself? Time away from this crazy world to nourish and replenish your body, your mind, your Soul?


Space to rest and restore and connect deeply with your Inner Wisdom?


A delicious, sacred space to simply ‘be’ with yourself? To remember who you are again?



This Online Retreat is a gentle, delicious way to open your heart, mind and body and come home to your Inner Guidance and Wisdom


The intention during our 3 hour time together is to help you restore balance and calm. It's the perfect time to leave the world behind and come home to yourself, back to centre.


A sacred space of delicious stillness, blissful inner peace and deep healing.


This Online Retreat is for you if…


  • You’re longing for more peace in your life

  • You’re struggling with a big challenge or life event

  • You're finding yourself more stressed and anxious then you used to be

  • You want a sacred space to connect with your Inner Guidance & Wisdom

  • Simply need time away from the kids/work/covid/life!


What will the Retreat involve?

  • A chance to clear and let go of all the 'busyness' that goes on in our heads every day

  • Gentle guided meditations to help you relax deeply and calm your Nervous System

  • Sacred Napping as a way to surrender any problems or issues you may have to allow creative solutions to find you

  • Group BodyTalk Healing Session to help you to connect to your body's Innate Intelligence and let go of anything no longer serving you

  • Gentle process work designed to bring more self awareness about what's working and what's not working in your life

  • Stillness and quiet time to help you connect deeply with yourself so you can find more clarity moving forward

Please note you will be able to share as much or as little as you want to. The exercises are designed for self awareness and reflection so they are done through journaling or internal process work. If you want to share at appropriate times through the retreat, this is completely up to you.

This is space is about nourishing and replenishing your connection with yourself first.


Details for Sunday Retreat:


Time:              2 – 5pm

Date:               Sunday 15th October

Location:       Online

Cost:               £50

Your ticket includes the following free gifts...

  • 30% off a single 1 on 1 session with Patti

  • Free "Relaxation for Radiant Health" Guided Meditation Download

  • Free access to 6 channelled, healing meditations from the “Stillness with Patti” Live Meditation Classes including a Powerful Healing Process Meditation 

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