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Miracle  Tools Library

Practical Tools for Delicious Living!

This beautiful online tools library was designed to offer simple, practical ways to help you find your 'centre' and support your connection to your body-wisdom on a regular basis. To help you feel so good that you completely fall in love with your life.

Seeing a therapist is lovely but having the tools at your fingertips is where the real power lies!

I've included

  • De-stressing tools to help you breathe more easily

  • Rejuvenating tools to energise & invigorate

  • Meditations to help you come back into alignment effortlessly

  • Healing & clearing tools to help you clear your baggage

  • Group healing sessions to help you clear energy blocks & re-balance your energy

  • Inspiration...because we all need a little of that!

Using just 1 of these tools regularly can have life-changing benefits.



De-stressing Tools 

Simple, powerful tools to help you de-stress, clear you mind & come back to centre in minutes

  • Cortices for de-stressing mind body & spirit

  • Cortices in 20 seconds

  • T-spoon technique to ground the body

  • Mind detox & de-stress Technique 1 & 2

  • Calm Breathing

Rejuvenating tools

Tools to energise & invigorate. How to set up your energy everyday so you're in your flow and feel your best

  • 5 Minute Morning Miracle Routine


Meditation is the simplest way to come into alignment & connect with your inner wisdom. Please DO NOT listen whilst driving or operating machinery. All meditation to be done whilst sitting or lying down with your eyes closed.

  • 3 Minute Power Meditation

  • 8 Minute Power Meditation

  • Heart of Grace

  • Relaxation for Radiant Health

  • Grounding Meditation

3 Minute Power Meditation -
8 Minute Meditation -
Heart of Grace Meditation -
Relaxtion for Radiant Health -
Grounding Meditation -

Healing & Clearing Tools

Beautiful tools for clearing our deepest issue so that your body, mind & spirit can come back into balance and heal effortlessly

  • Clearing strong emotion

  • Journey Tapping Master Class

Clearing Strong Emotion Tool -

Group Healing Sessions

Harnessing the power of group energy to help you clear blocks & open the body's incredible internal healing communication. New sessions coming every month!

  • Clearing Grief 

Healing Grief Group Session -


We all need a little inspiration when we're feeling down or off-balance. You can find it here...

  • The Awe-inspiring Power of Stillness

  • Clearing stored trauma & pain

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