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What is a Spiritual Awakening?


A Spiritual Awakening is Your Soul’s way of getting your attention. Bringing you back home to who you really are. Loved, safe, powerful, vital, creative, beautiful, healthy, vibrant, joyous and abundant.


Often, it’s really uncomfortable. And sometimes downright painful and traumatic. This is in order to break you out of old patterns of thinking and being and helping you to see through the lies and illusions so you can remember the truth of who you really are. It’s your Soul’s way of breaking you out of the shackles of the need to be perfect, putting everyone else’s needs first and being ruled by old outdate patriarchal ways of being and living.


True feminine power does not happen by ignoring the parts of ourselves we don’t like or don’t want. True power happens through integration. Bringing together the pieces of yourself that have been lost or disowned and helping them to come back into love and light.


A Spiritual Awakening is your Soul’s way of helping you step up and embrace your true power. To step into that beautiful, radiant potential you can feel stirring in your Soul.



How do you recognise your own Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual Awakening is often accompanied by a deep sense of inner knowing that something’s not right, that there’s a better, more fulfilling way to live.


Part of you recognises that what’s going on in your life is a call from a deeper place inside you nudging you to wake up, nudging you to find a better way. It feels like a longing, a soul ache and a strong desire for more meaning, connection and to make a positive loving impact on the world.



Here are 6 ways that it can show up in your everyday life…

1 – Your Body is Screaming At You

You’re experiencing extreme physical symptoms or a full-blown health crisis


How it shows up:

You’ve just been given a terrible diagnosis

You’re experiencing severe or even chronic symptoms

Your physical symptoms are getting out of hand. Infrequent headaches have now become chronic and consistent

Your body is yelling at you. Loudly. Wants your attention


How do you feel:

Scared, in pain, confused, helpless, stressed, anxious, worried, like you’re being punished


2 – You Just Can’t Get a Grip

There’s one area of your life that you just can’t seem to resolve


How it shows up:

Struggles with fertility

At war with your body or food on a daily basis

Struggling to get over a trauma, divorce, bereavement or loss, bankruptcy, job loss

Lost your faith or connection to your spiritual life

If only you could solve/fix/get over this one thing…then everything would be better


How do you feel:

frustrated, stuck and desperate, stressed, helpless, exasperated and exhausted, not good enough



3 – Your Life Is Falling Apart

You’ve suffered multiple emotional or physical traumas in a relatively short amount of time


How it shows up:

Suffered multiple blows in a relatively short amount of time

Just when you thought you were getting to grips with 1 crisis, 2 or 3 more happen

Like your whole life is falling apart



(this is what happened to me. Hear my story on the webinar)


How do you feel:

Overwhelmed, lost, hopeless, struggling to breathe or keep your head above water, chronic state of stress or adrenal fatigue, at breaking point


4 – Lost Your Sense of Identity

Your sense of self has been dismantled and you feel like you’re in freefall


How it shows up:

Have had a great degree of success in your life and suddenly things are just not working anymore

Relationship with your body

Health crisis, divorce, loss, heartbreak, move, career change has completely dismantled life as you know it

Shifting vibration and nothing is working anymore


How do you feel:

Frustrated, scared, confused, exhausted, ashamed, panic, waking up in a cold sweat, like a fraud, like you can’t get a grip



5 – Burnout

Everything feels like it has lost it’s meaning and you keep thinking ‘what’s the point’


How it shows up:

Loss of interest in a job/business that you previously loved

Feel like you’ve lost your spirit, lost your mojo

Struggle to get out of bed

Zero motivation

Life has lost all it’s colour and just feels utterly mundane


How do you feel:

Everything is pointless, depressed and anxious at the same time, weak and sickly, constantly tired, disappointed with people, trapped, helpless, worthless, hopeless, like there is no petrol left in the tank, ‘what’s the point?’



6 – Overwhelming Emotion you can’t control

Feel like you’re going mad or losing control


How it shows up:

Panic Attacks

Angry outbursts at your partner, kids, traffic,

Struggling to get out of bed

The tiniest thing sets you off

Things you would’ve easily coped with before, send you over the edge


How do you feel:

Anger and rage, overwhelming depression, overwhelming anxiety and panic, terrified you’re going to lose it, can swing from very low to very high in an instant


What’s on the other side of your Spiritual Awakening?


Clarity - Deep sense of satisfaction

Deeper sense of trust in life and the Universe

Higher level of wellbeing and vitality

High degree of mental quiet and letting go or separation from mental anguish

Deep sense of connection to your Inner Guidance

Healthy boundaries become effortless, they just arise naturally

Effortless self-care, you find it so much easier to comfort and nourish your inner world

Passion, purpose and alignment leading to greater impact and influence in the world

Feel grounded and present in your own body, your own power


Overall a much deeper more profound sense of fulfilment and contentment.

Like you’re living the life you can feel in your Soul


Ready to integrate the gifts of your Spiritual Awakening?

To live the life you can feel in your Soul?

To come home to who you really are?

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