Creating a Calm Space For You To Connect With Your Body


This Guided Relaxation for Natural Conception will help you to:


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase your feelings of wellbeing
  • Boost your confidence in your body’s ability to conceive
  • Remain calm, patient and in control


It is well known that stress has a negative effect on the body and can affect your ability to conceive.


Did you know that if you induce endorphins (the body's own natural relaxant) into your body you are actively eliminating stress hormone? Endorphins and stress hormone have a mutually exclusive relationship; you either have one or the other.


Relaxation is a safe, gentle and highly effective way of actively inducing endorphins and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance your immune function and significantly increase your feelings of wellbeing. Relaxation can also help you tune into your body and develop a deep sense of connection and trust in yourself.


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This Digital Download includes:


1 - Instructions for Relaxation for Natural Conception. Please ensure you read the instructions properly before use.


2 - 3 x Guided Relaxation Tracks


  • Introduction Track
  • Relaxation Track
  • Affirmation Track


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This Digital Download is meant to be listened to in a state of relaxation. Please DO NOT listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


Relaxation for Natural Conception