Ready for a magical journey through motherhood?

So you you're pregnant and super excited! You feel this little bubble of joy inside you every time you think about it but...then the reality kicks in! All these weird fears arrive out of nowhere, you've heard so many hideous stories, is it really that tough? There is so much information out there you just don't know where to start and who to trust.

Stop...take a breath...the perfect support is waiting for you.

The My Beautiful Baby Journey Program is designed to help you embrace and enjoy every step along the road to having a calm, easy pregnancy and  a birth memory you can treasure forever!

This incredible program focuses on supporting you to enjoy...

Calmer Pregnancy

Enjoy an incredibly healthy, easy pregnancy right from the beginning. This means less tiredness, morning sickness, swelling and other 'normal pregnancy' symptoms

Effortless bonding

Enjoy a deep emotional connection with your baby so parenting is easier and more joyful


Beautiful Empowering Birth

Prepare for your most empowering and beautiful birth experience. This includes

  • how to choose the best Gynae, Midwife or Doula for you

  • support choosing your optimal birth environment

  • help writing a great birthplan

  • deep relaxation and massage techniques so that your body can birth your baby more easily

  • teaching your partner vital skills to help keep you relaxed and focused during your birth


Less Stress
Reduce stress to create an optimal environment for your growing baby

Release any fears gently and easily

Create a strong parenting team

Connect more honestly and deeply with your partner so you create a strong parenting team right from the start

Easy Postnatal Adjustment

Enjoy a quick recovery and the most empowered and successful feeding choices for you and baby (breast or bottle)

Make the most empowered and successful feeding choices for you and baby (breast or bottle)


Cultivate a powerful positive mindset so you can cope easily with anything motherhood throws at you

Uncover your powerful mama resources. Your wisdom, strength, intuition and more

Understand your newborns cry so you can respond easily to his/her needs

Embrace motherhood feeling strong, ready and excited




To book a complimentary 60 minute My Beautiful Baby Journey call to see if this is the best program for you, click here: My Beautiful Baby Journey