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Free Online Mindful Meditation Classes 

Dropping into inner peace & calm

Taking time to come present in your body can have a profoundly calming effect on the mind. This naturally leads to more inner peace and ease in your daily life.

Mindful Meditation tools and techniques offer simple, powerful ways to do this gently and consistently and can help you

- Feel calmer, happier & less stressed
- Enjoy better sleep & more energy
- Benefit from clearer thinking & better decision making
- Embrace a healthier & stronger sense of self
- Feel more connected to your inner wisdom

I offer a very simple and effective form of Mindful Meditation that is accessible to everyone. Whether you’ve never meditated before of have been doing it for years, by focusing your attention on the present moment, you’re able to access easy pathways to more relaxation and deep inner stillness.


Class Details

Date:                    Wednesday evenings

Time:                    6pm - 7:30pm GMT

Location:             Offered online through The Study Society

Class Outline


Each class follows the same simple format


Class starts at 6pm with a gentle settling meditation


Followed by


  • Welcome and introduction of the theme for the evening (eg how to find gentle surrender, finding relief from pressure, making space for peace)


  • Meditation on our theme


  • Discussion, inner work or gentle self-enquiry process


  • Deepening mindfulness and meditation


  • Closing


Please be respectful of other participants and ensure you arrive by 5:55pm for a 6pm start

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