Find True Freedom with Food

How to heal your relationship with food and love yourself happier & healthier

Emotional eating can be soul-destroying for your self esteem and less than loving for your body and health.


Wouldn't it be great to find true food freedom? No more stupid diets. No more guilt. No more calorie counting or restricting carbs? Just gently finding your way back to your body's own natural balance. 

Gently, lovinginly, easily. How to get on board with your clever, beautiful body and work with it and not against it.

This program is designed to deeply shift the underlying issues that cause you to overeat in the first place. Helping you let go of stored baggage and patterns allowing your body to come back into it's own natural balance. Re-setting the neural pathways for long-term health and self love.


In this powerful program we'll

  • Clear out the stored trauma that's causing you to reach for food as comfort

  • Heal any fears about being truly seen as a beautiful, sexy woman (or man)

  • Learn simple, powerful tools to reduce stress eating

  • How to embrace real fun and passion so you're not reaching for it in the food

  • Set an aligned health, wellness and weight loss intentions (working with the power of your body instead of against it)



If this sounds good to you, then here are the details…

Food Freedom Program - £1500

1 x 2 hour starter session

4 x 1 hour follow up sessions (including BodyTalk, The Journey, Energy Tools, EFT and more)



To chat about how I can help you find food freedom click the button below and book a call.



"I dropped 3 dress sizes without even noticing! I also improved my health and reduced my stress. What an amazing result." Jenny, London

"Hi Patti, I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the tapping session that you did with me around my cravings for cookies, and the realisation of what had been driving the craving.


What I subsequently noticed the next time I saw cookies (together with all the other goodies at the counter in my favourite coffee outlet) was that everything looked a bit ‘lifeless’ and not at all appetising. It wasn’t like it was any sort of ‘struggle’ to not have something with my coffee, it just didn’t appeal to me in the way it previously has. And that lasted for over a week, looking at biscuits and cookies and simply not feeling a ‘pull’ to eat one.


In the following weeks, I have had the occasional biscuit or bit of flapjack, but I’ve found that I only want a small amount each time. And in fact yesterday, something that I would have usually had no trouble eating in one go, I found so sweet that I broke it in half and put the remaining bit back in the fridge for another time – unheard of for me!


So things have definitely shifted for me, and the difference to previous times when I’ve gone cold turkey to cut out chocolate, biscuits and cake, is that the cravings don’t seem to be there.


Thanks again!" 

Martin, Epsom

"Patti was very knowledgeable and professional. I was surprised how easy and effective the technique is and I use it every day. I feel calm and in control after years of binge eating. I love how simple and quick it is and I've already recommended it to friends." Lee-Ann, London