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Thank you to the gorgeous Marion Young for hosting me on her Collaborative Meditation Session.

We spent a beautiful hour together talking about Coming Back Home To You - how healing my trauma and my body has changed my life. I shared

- my recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis

- how trauma affects us

- my simple, incredibly powerful Soul Alignment Tool to help gently dissolve any issues in the body

If you missed it, you can listen here...

Free Healing Trauma Online Session 

I'm so excited to share that tomorrow I'll be guest for my gorgeous friend and colleague, Marion Young.

I'll be sharing powerful mindset shifts around trauma as well as leading a meditation including the beautiful "Soul Alignment" tool that I've developed to help you reclaim your power and come back into flow 

This is from Marion...

"My guest this month is my friend and colleague Patti Good.
Patti was one of the co- founders of the Harley Street clinic in London, where I was a therapist for 9 years. Some of our clients were people in the public eye or leaders in their field with everything they ever wanted materially and professionally.
But something was missing. They felt empty and depressed. And confused, how was this possible when they had so much success in every other area of their lives.
Patti and I learnt a great deal about success and happiness from this time, and how unhelpful childhood patterning and conditioning can sabotage our happiness, regardless of our achievements in our adult lives. 

Unless these are brought into awareness and released, we will continue to look outside ourselves, through the old beliefs and behaviours thinking that the material world will provide us the peace and connection we long for. 

And this learning never stops as you know. We are constantly evolving and releasing the old, creating more space for Grace to guide our everyday lives. 

Patti also helped me personally during a very stressful time when I was next of kin for a dying friend of ours. One night, I received a call from my friend to say she had fallen and couldn't get up. I called an ambulance and drove as fast as I could, the hour into central London to meet her at A&E.

I was unprepared for the trauma and the violence in the air that I experienced there, as well as the terror in my friend as we both knew this was the beginning of the end.  On the other side of the curtain was a drunken patient, handcuffed to a couple of policeman. (I was in awe of the medical staff then, and can only begin to imagine what it must be like now, you are in my prayers everyday)

By the morning, my friend had been transferred to a hospice, a haven of tranquility in comparison. 

With the combination of being woken suddenly in the night, the stress of the following events, the adrenaline was still rushing through my body days later. When Patti came to visit us at the hospice, she took me through a short exercise that released the tension. It was profound and immediate and I have never forgotten it. 

Patti and I continue to share skills with each other, as well as our clients, as I do with all my colleagues. We all long for the time when mainstream medicine, complementary therapies and meditative practices can work together. We have so much to offer, and even this small but potent example, can literally be transformational. 

There are many different ways of supporting people through trauma, and they are going to be needed more than ever.

Patti now specialises in helping women turn their deepest pain, trauma and heartache into their greatest gifts so they can fully embrace and live the life they can feel in their soul.

So Patti session is called "Coming Home To You" and will be packed full of helpful tips and suggestions as well as guiding us through a meditation.

It's all free and a recording will be available for those who have registered. 

Love and best wishes



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