How to turn your deepest issues into your greatest gifts and enjoy every step of the process!

So you normally have all your shit together, right?


You’re organised, on top of things, confident and in control.


So what the hell is happening?


You feel weak, pathetic and like a total failure. Your life seems to be unravelling before your very eyes. And no matter what you do or try, you just can’t seem to get on top of things. You feel helpless and hopeless and even the smallest things set you off. You just can’t seem to hold it all together and you feel so ashamed.


That nasty little voice in your head keeps saying things like...


"I should be able to cope"

"Why is everyone getting at me?"

"I’m a failure"

"No one understands"

"I don’t know what to do"

"I don’t seem to be able to get on top of things"

"Where has my confidence gone?


  • Overtiredness or lack of energy

  • You're not sleeping well or at all!

  • Your menstrual cycle is up the spout

  • Suffering with fertility problems

  • You've  had to endure multiple miscarriages

  • You feel scared and anxious

  • You're  having headaches

  • You're crippled by panic attacks

  • You've had weight change

  • You're falling apart after a bereavement

  • Your labido is MIA!

  • Feel like crap!



What if I told you that these symptoms are a deep invitation from your body, from your soul to find true healing? 

What if they're the door to more magical, joyful experience of motherhood?

Motherhood with less stress and more joy!

Where you feel..

  • back in control

  • deeply grounded & back in your power

  • nourished and taken care of

  • liberated & lighter

  • connected to your inner wisdom

  • healthier & happier


And enjoy...

  • a more conscious, easier conception

  • carrying a healthy baby to term

  • a beautiful, empowering birth experience (no matter what option you go for!)

  • an easier postnatal adjustment

  • better bonding

  • freeing yourself from grief & loss


I always say to women if the fertility doesn’t get you, the pregnancy will. If the pregnancy doesn’t get you, the birth will. If the birth doesn’t get you the breastfeeding will. If the breastfeeding doesn’t get you, the lack of sleep will. Something in there is going to bring your stuff up!


And if you are a conscious woman then you will have tried loads off different options to get yourself back in the driver’s seat and feeling better!


What if I told you that all this ‘stuff’ could be your greatest gift?


That if you are willing to be present to it, look at it and clear it, that it could become the source of deeper wisdom and greater strength. The source of renewed health and joy!

Hi, I'm Patti Good and I'm an Empowerment Expert for Motherhood


This is my story...


After an incredibly traumatic birth with my son, my world fell apart.


As a therapist specialising in helping clients clear and transform their own traumatic experiences through motherhood, it was very difficult to admit that now I was the one in need of help!


I hit rock bottom and was struggling to get out of bed every day. Not only had I had an awful birth (yes...I was in labour for almost 3 weeks! is possible!) but I had also got really sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis, we had lost our home and business in the recession and my marriage had started falling apart.


I had always been great at using my own tools and techniques to help myself but this time was different. There was so much trauma and heartache that it was time to ‘walk my talk’ and reach out for the help I really needed.


Thank goodness I did! The healing and transformation that came as a result of all this sadness has been one of the biggest gifts of my life. Learning new ways to heal and embrace my experiences has allowed me to turn my life around AND to really serve my own clients in a much deeper way. The results have been INCREDIBLE!


So now I want to share the Baggage into Blessings Program with YOU.  This bespoke transformational healing program will help you rebalance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that motherhood becomes the joyful journey it is meant to be.


I want to be really clear…this is not a quick fix or for anyone who wants to do one session and ‘see how it goes’…this is so much more. It’s about a deep commitment to your own healing and well-being so that you can turn your baggage into blessings and flourish. It’s about feeling more vibrant and more healthy on every level so that you can embrace the real journey of motherhood.

'But I knew that this work was my calling


That if I was prepared to look and clear my pain then it would not only change my life but also allow me to serve my clinets in a much deeper more real way' 

And I’m so grateful that I did, because in just a few years I’ve now:


  • Added BodyTalk to my offering which I just adore!

  • Moved to London as a single mum

  • Healed and released my own bad birth experience

  • Been able to take responsibility for my part in creating what had happened

  • Took massive steps to heal and recover my health (I'm not all the way there but on the right road)

  • Restarted my business with a much stronger foundation

  • Started living my dream instead of someone elses!

As well as...

  • Finding out just how strong I am!

  • Enjoying much clearer boundaries (who knew boundaries could be so liberating!)

  • Understanding my body and energy system far better and being able to come back to centre more consciously and more easily

  • Feeling more guided in my life and my business and more connected to my soul's wisdom




Over the last 14 years I've developed an amazing 'transformational toolkit' that enables me to work effortlessly at 3 different levels.


Firstly, to help your body reduce stress quickly and effectively, secondly to clear the deeper underlying emotional issues and beliefs and then thirdly, to provide super simple practical tools that you can take back into your everyday life to make the healing real and relevant.


  • 5 x one hour BodyTalk energy healing sessions to help you re-balance your nervous system and reduce stress immediately. I call these ‘pampered healing’ sessions because they are so relaxing and your body does all the work for you!


  • 2 x two hour in-depth ‘Journey sessions’ to help you uncover and clear the emotional patterns, beliefs and cell memories stopping you from moving forward


  • Super simple practical tools to help you centre and ground yourself easily in your every-day life


  • A detailed initial consultation uncovering your full history. We will also complete a well-being questionnaire which will allow us to take a snapshot of current state of health which we will revisit at the end to enable us to track improvements

  • Email support throughout your Program


  • Bespoke approach. Every program is tailored to YOUR individual needs and can be taken in person at Harley Street in London or via Skype for International clients



  •  Is invested in their own healing and transformation. Who knows in their “Being” that feeling sad, stressed and stuck is not a place they have to stay


  • Feels anxious, depressed or heartbroken and wants to integrate and heal their past so they can embrace and enjoy their life on their own terms


  • Believes in getting to the core issues to solve a problem and doesn’t merely want a band-aid solution to plaster over the cracks


  • Has tried everything and doesn’t know where else to turn


  • Anyone who wants to turn their fear into power and their baggage into blessings so they can live a life of renewed health and increased joy where they feel connected to their inner guidance





  • Conceive more consciously and more easily (I have around a 70% success rate with fertility clients!)

  • Restore your heart and health after multiple miscarriages

  • Reduce your stress so you can positively impact your reproductive hormones

  • Enjoy a calmer road to a successful pregnancy with bespoke support whether you are using medical intervention or not

  • Feel whole and at peace with or without a baby





Pregnancy & Birth:


  • Enjoy less morning sickness

  • Enjoy a calmer, healthier pregnancy

  • Clear any weird or strange fears or concerns

  • Free yourself from longheld patterns and beliefs so you don't pass them onto your children

  • Reduce stress and anxiety so you can have calmer, easier journey

  • Prepare for an empowered, beautiful birth experience (no matter what happens!)















  • Fall into effortless bonding and connection with your darling baby

  • Recover from a traumatic birth

  • Find your strength and centre after giving birth to a prem baby

  • Re-balance your hormones (I believe this is the single most empowering things a new mum can do for herself and  her baby!)

  • Enjoy an easier, gentler period of postnatal adjustment

and don't forget that babies of calm mummies tend to eat, feed and sleep better!



  • Find freedom, release and healing from bereavement and loss

  • Enhance your connection to your self and your loved ones

  • Get your power back

  • Help you postively re-shape your confidence and identity as a mother

  • Get your back in the driver's seat of your life

  • Connect with your inner guidance and feel more in your flow!



  • I've worked with 1000s of clients since 2002 to help them enjoy a more empowered experience of motherhood

  • After 2 miscarriages I'm mum to darling Max

  • Watching women arrive in a mess and leave smiling, confident and transformed is the best part of my job

I'm also a....

  • Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner (2003)

  • Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (2004)

  • HypnoBirthing Practitioner Trainer for South Africa (2010 – 2013)

  • Trained Doula (2007)

  • Trained in Zentai (2009)

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (2011)

  • Reiki I & II and Reiki Master

  • Incredible lover of chocolate!

I love to create a space of deep allowing where you can welcome all pain, all baggage, fear, anxiety, sadness and illness and gently allow the body's infinite intelligence to transform it into the natural and spontaneous joy that we are all born with.


For many years I worked in corporate environments including a number of Investment Banks. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole! In 2002 I endured a year that included 11 deaths, redundancy and a relationship break up.


The Journey opened the door to my own healing and transformation. For the first time in years I felt reconnected to my soul. The result was deep emotional healing and an incredible new career which allowed me to blossom as I assisted others on their spiritual and healing path.


In 2010 I was guided to BodyTalk which enabled me to take my work to whole new level. It offers a way to effortlessly rebalance the body whilst bypassing the conscious mind.  It is an incredibly effective way of reducing stress and allowing the space to open and clear much deeper issues quickly and easily.


The combination of The Journey and BodyTalk is incredibly powerful! It makes me want to skip to work!

I am currently leading the “My Birth, My Choice” Campaign to educate and empower women to make better birth choices for themselves and their babies.

TV Appearances

Other Media Appearances



Because of the incredibly deep personal and powerful nature of this program and the bespoke approach, I only work with a select number of people each month. So this program is by application only.

I want every client to get the full attention they need and deserve. By only working with 2-3 new clients each month I can ensure that my own energy is in the best place to help you get the best results. 


I always say to my clients, you will know, you will know if this is right program for you. There will be something deep inside you that will feel ‘called’ to do this work. Pretty much every woman I've worked with has a deep intuition or knowing that this is the best healing path for her in this moment.


And... if I am not the right person for you, I will happily give your ideas and options that will support your journey to wholeness.


So, if you're ready to turn your baggage into blessings so you can enjoy motherhood in an easier and more joyful way, apply now for one of my limited spaces…