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Preparing for the arrival of your baby is such a special time

Giving yourself the gift of bespoke antenatal care and preparation can help you feel calmer, happier and more in control. Giving you the time, space and reassurance to help you enjoy every part of the process.

Excellent antenatal preparation will help you prepare for a gentler, easier birth and ensure that you're already bonding beautifully before your baby arrives.

The therapies and support I offer will ensure that your emotional & physical health are taken care of so you feel fit, healthy & ready for the demands of motherhood.

Take the stress and fear out of preparing for the birth of your baby and help yourself to feel

  • calmer, happier & more in control

  • reassured & taken care of with expert guidance & support

  • prepared for whatever lies ahead

My Beautiful Babyjourney Program - £2500

1 - Hypnobirthing-based bespoke antenatal preparation 

  • Release any fears around giving birth

  • Ensure optimal ante-natal preparation (covering birth plans etc and make suggestions for filling in any gaps)

  • Integrate advanced breathing techniques

  • Deeply bond and connect with your baby

  • Ensure optimal health and emotional well-being

  • Prepare for your best birth

Your classes can be held in the comfort of your own home (if you're based in Central London) or in Notting Hill. If you'd like the classes in your own home but you're further afield, travel costs will be added.

2 -  3 x 1 hour BodyTalk pampered healing sessions

3 - 1 x 1.5 hour Mum & Baby Postnatal sessions

Bespoke Programs tailored to your specific needs

- just Antenatal Prep

- just BodyTalk Prep

- postnatal sessions

  • 1 x 2 hour Welcome session including BodyTalk

  •  4 x 1 hour BodyTalk/Birth Mentoring follow up sessions

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